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Need speed? Hudson HSC series.
Don’t blink.

When you feel the need for speed, choose Hudson Cutting’s High Speed Cutting series. The HSC series is designed to die cut a vast variety of sheet and roll materials with lightning quickness and strict precision.

Amazingly accurate, servo controlled positioning guarantees exact feeds at high speed – to the tune of ±.008” at 60” feed distance. Typical speed is between 20,000 and 40,000 cuts per 8-hour shift.

Engineered for cutting label stickers, electronic foam, name plates, insulation, auto parts, gaskets and plastic films such as LCD, PET and PVC, HSC series presses have many operational modes – from a reciprocating table feed, a through-type roll feed or sheet feed. The automatic sliding table is suited to sheet goods with an accuracy of ±.004”. Pinch roll feeds are available inbound and outbound, along with a scrap rewind stand. Tracking devices are optional for ensuring alignment and for cutting preprinted materials.

Platen sizes range from 13.8” square to 25.6” square with cutting force from 13 tons 44 tons. Presses are operator friendly – touch screen for easy setup and use, storage of up to 300 programs, low noise level. Read More »