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That’s where the Hudson Cutting Solutions division of IPSUMM Inc. has been for decades, and where it is positioned for the 21st century. Hudson, founded in the mid 1920s as a spinoff of Hudson General Companies in Haverhill, MA, was primarily involved in the rebuilding of footwear machinery and the supply of die cutting presses.

Today, the Hudson Cutting Solutions division of IPSUMM Inc. has facilities in Salisbury for provision of new and warranty used die cutting, splitting and skiving machinery and supplies. Hudson’s close collaboration with one of the world’s largest and most innovative press manufacturers, Sysco Machinery Corporation of Taiwan, provides premier industrial cutting presses and tailored solutions that have the hallmark of flexibility, reliability and innovation to ensure your requirements and expectations are more than met, whilst also supporting existing cutting press lines that include USM and Samco-Strong.

Likewise Hudson enjoys intimate partnerships with other technology leaders. Our exclusive distributorship with Elitron( Learn more » ) brings an added dimension to our portfolio of cutting Solutions. Fortuna GmbH of Germany pioneered the splitting and skiving of synthetics, rubber, Plastics and leather materials.

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