No split decision – it's fortuna

Splitting machines accurately split material to thinner dimensions and can split a thick material into many thinner pieces. Used by the automotive, rubber, plastic industries, and leather goods industries. They are predominantly featured in laboratories for rubber and plastic industries, but also used in production operations for leather and automotive uses. The Hudson line of Fortuna machines function within ultra-fine tolerances and are used in situations where the highly precise separation of materials is an absolute must.


Valid to International Standards


Potential uses and laboratory applications:

  • Automotive & Aerospance industries: Material analyses of gaskets, seals, acoustic and thermal insulating materials, profiled parts, drive belts, leather seating, armrests, fascia panels
  • Textile floor covering manufacture: Methods for determination of mass (to ISO 8543) and determination of thickness of pile above the substrate (to ISO 1766)
  • Cable manufacturing: Layer analyses of cable covers and insulations to ensure they meet specifications
  • Water hoses: Layer analyses for specification fulfillment
  • Tire manufacture: Layer analyses of steel-corded or cross-ply tires for specification fulfillment
  • High pressure hoses, brake hoses 
  • Rubber and plastics industries: Conveyor belts
  • Reclaimed rubber

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